A moment in time

“A Moment in Time”

This collection gives the artist - and her audience - space to capture the movement of life. On fine Japanese paper (square 40 cm x 40 cm) the shapes briefly come to life, only to suddenly seize up, recoil, dissolve or escape from the canvas completely. Different planes emerge, and the tension may be palpable, or the tones may blend together soothingly. The infinite color possibilities reveal themselves in superimposed layers, building a space where indistinct forms are born, pass, and then vanish. Gingko and ivy leaves join together in the joyous farandoles, tight processions, ordered cohorts, or flittering dances revealed at any given moment. The tenuous movement of life, with its uncertainties and its potential, are captured in an instant and suspended in time forever. 

This is an evolving universe, which plays an ever-repeating ballet from one canvas to another. We are dealing with stealth, with the elusive, and yet what a presence in these paintings that, for a moment, enchant those of us who pass by. 

M. Saint Siffre