Immersed in artistic expression since childhood, I first developed my creative pulses through education in serigraphy, then in engraving and painting in Brussels ("Le Septante-Cinq" Institute) and in New York, where I have obtained a Masters in Fine Arts at Columbia University.

Japonese artist Ansei Uchima- for whom I was an assistant in the late seventies in New York - introduced me to the techniques of wood engraving. From this experience, I have acquired a love for paper "that lives and moves." For this reason, I mostly favor media that require a paper support: a combination of aquarels, casein and collages. Since 1995, I have also been using a "oil - wax - pigments" technique on paper backed on canvas.

For me art compares to breathing in and breathing out. What finds its way onto the paper during the second phase is a direct reflection of the richness of experience accumulated during the first. Such an approach to art is fertile when based on ruptures, fractures, disequilibrium and changes of rhythm for which the artist will seek mending, re-equilibration, harmony and continuity.

Recent exhibit:

"Soudain la nature" at Galerie des 3 Soleils, Epesses - February 24 to March 17, 2024